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A Whole New Look
As you might have noticed, Adventures In Build A Bearville has received an entire new look to its homepage and the forum as well. Alot of hard work was put into the new look and it has finally been completed! This new look has been made in a way to be more organized and neat. Since we are glad of this new look, which we hope everyone as well is, we are starting to do more contest to get everyone more motivated and excited for being part and contributing to the Build A Bearville Forum. If you haven't seen the forum yet, make sure to visit and register while your at it! Enjoy your stay at Adventures In Build A Bearville !
We know that the site shows the latest news on Build A Bearville, along with guides and tips but aside from that we also wanted to hear about what others thought about the forums. But what is it about the forum the most that members just like this forum that they enjoy? So lets see what our forum members had to say about the forum.