About Us

Adventures In Build A Bearville was founded by TimmyStar3, Korisprinkles, and SageGoalieBear3. It all started with a small website that we made where would post news and information from the virtual world, Build A Bearville. We would share anything that had to go with the game, whether it wold be news,tips,guides, or just screenshots of when we were having a fun time playing in Build A Bearville. We Enjoyed reading the comments that some of our visitors left us whether it was asking for help or sharing their thoughts and opinions with us that we eventually decided to create the forum which is what we use today! By creating a Build A Bearville forum it would allow us to continue sharing news,tips,guides, and pawsomefun times plus not only that, guests would be able to register and contribute to the forum,plus they would be able to share news and fun times they have had around Build A Bearville. Its a great experience because we got to meet some of Build A Bearville's players that within the time the entire forum feels like giant Build A Bearville family. When members host an event in Build A Bearville and others assist their event, you have fun playing that at the end you loose track of time. SInce the opening of the forum we have seen a lot; we have seen good times, sad times, and even times that there's a bit of drama in them, but its all that makes this pawsome forum called
"Adventures In Build A Bearville" !